Episode 39: Giovanni Lazzaro - Italian Violin Maker

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Episode 39: Giovanni Lazzaro - Italian Violin Maker

In this episode, Giovanni Lazzaro an artisan of string instruments shares what it's like to be a true craftsman creating perfect performing instruments for the most accomplished musicians. He prides himself in creating instruments that best perform the true "Italian sound". Working with exotic woods and building a string instrument that not only looks elegant but achieves a heavenly sound that can last for centuries and handed down from one master musician to another.


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Episode 39: Giovanni Lazzaro Italian Violin Maker

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Every time we schedule an interview with somebody from italy. I wanna move there. Yeah me too. You know rod. We could do our podcast from there. I suppose we could do it there. But you know what you'd have to tear me away from my favorite of all times. Which is italian food. You don't have to worry about it tonight. Because i am making spaghetti. Of course it's american style but certainly not what you get an illegal but really good while in a. I really love your spaghetti. I think it's absolutely wonderful. I actually can't wait for dinner tonight. But you know what i'll say like like your barkley. Two pizzas oh good grief. This gone with the show. I'm getting hungry. Do is talk about food. I everyone and here. We are celebrating. What people love to do creatively by giving them a voice. I'm rod jones. i'm angie jones. Welcome to the thought row. Show we invite you to subscribe wherever you listen and you can check us out at thought. Rope podcast dot com where you can also listen to episodes on our website and take a look at the show gust tab and see the actual person that were interviewing of. That's kind of cool feature and yes we'd love to hear from you. Don't be shy. You can always reach us through the website contact page and let us know your thoughts. That's pretty easy to do. Actually super easy now you have to do is type in your message and your email and it comes directly to us. You don't have to do anything. Fancy and we do everything we can answer them. Yes we do. And then that is why our show is called dot. Ro podcasts up because we want to hear your thoughts speaking thoughts as we always do about this time in our show s how. 'bout your thoughtful quote and you know i think you have to today. I do because. I couldn't decide on either one so i figured i would just read both of them because they're really nice. So the first quote is you may have the universe if i may have italy and mattis by giuseppe verde wonderful and the second quote is the creator made italy by designs from michelangelo and this is by mark twain while in. I don't know that. I would necessarily think that mark twain would come up with that. I have respect from a respect for him. But i know he's traveled extensively travel in italy quite a bit and i think he brought back his thoughts diz and they ended up in some of his books when he got back to where hannibal missouri a hannibal. Missouri seems like a long way from italy but he was very curious man in like adventure and liked life and equating that his writing style with michelangelo. I think that's very special. The guy is brilliant and very attuned to life in people. So i think that's an excellent quote and you're just simply bertie quote as pretty special to. I thought that was really nice to well. That's his hometown of his country's it's homeland. So yeah but now. It's your turn rod so we are ready for rods motivational moment. Might be a little anti climatic after those votes. Okay so here it is. Your life's attitude is nurtured by your daily gratitude. You your life's attitude is nurtured by your daily gratitude. You know that is the true statement of all. I think in. It's sometimes it's hard because you don't you don't feel like you wanna be gratitude at all. Well you know when. I was trying to come up with one and i had my pencil and paper kind of fooling around with this and i i started actually think about my attitude and then i also thought that i have an awful lot to be grateful for and then i kind of realized that. If you're very grateful for the good things that you have in life and we all have at least one thing that really improves attitude. It does it really does. And then also if you just tuned into the gratitude of even if it's small things you can't find anything really fantastic talk about that day. 'cause maybe you're having a bad day but really you can do little things like. Oh i have my favorite gum. I can chew or i have my favorite drink. Have my favorite cup. I mean it can be very small things and then pretty soon you can build into the bigger amounts of gratitude. Like i'm healthy. I have a happy family or a. You know a great car you can fill in the blank with anything.

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You know what those are all very valuable points. And i think about one time i was on an elevator in new york and there was a guy out there who is i guess he was kind of a comedian but by the time we all got off the elevator we all. I think people actually stayed on that elevator. Could they wanted. They wanted to ride with him all the way to the top or wherever he was headed and he said a lot of really funny loving things and everybody that walked off that elevator car had a big smile on their face and i suspect they probably took that into their offices and i think they were grateful right. Were gratitude re. I think they were very grateful that they had the opportunity to write that elevator to work with a guy who had such a great attitude. Gosh what a talent to get on an elevator and completely change. everybody's life. Well i think you know both you. And i've had those experiences and so yeah it really does. It makes a big difference so show gratitude. It'll really improve your attitude true. I like this discussion. But i'm gonna change the subject slightly when it comes to creativity and your attitude you know. That's that's really kind of important because our show is about creativity right and your attitude. Good or bad definitely has an impact on your productivity in your creativity. You think so true if you if you go in with a bad attitude. I don't think you're gonna get too darn inspired because you're not tuned into anything. You're tuned in to all the negativity. Well if you're sitting in front of your piano and you're trying to compose or even just playing your favorite song to maybe make you feel better. Maybe change your attitude right But you got a really bad tude. You're mad at the world or whatever the case say b. as very difficult to be creative now. I know there's people that will argue that. Some great art comes from people that have a really really bad attitude and there certainly is poetry. Come out of people that had a very bad attitude but give me an example of somebody who think as an artist at a bad attitude turned out really great. Works of art Let's see well. Sylvia plath was not the happiest person on the planet. That's a great example. Maybe bacon francis bacon. Sure doesn't the only two. I can think of right off the top of my head. How about you when you think of. That's why i asked you the credit game. Because i figured you give somebody i would. No i think yourself. Plath was really quite good because every time i read her read her poems or poetry yeah you know he kinda wanna sleet wrists and now. That's a little harsh bananas stars. But you know she was very emotional person in you know what to say. Well there's people that really enjoy her work. I don't know that. I assume composers i. There is a composer. Could say they had that. I can think of that. Had a really bad attitude More often than not and he had a strong justification for beethoven. Oh yeah right. Losing his hearing at that is the most saddest thing i've ever heard and everybody thought that he was grouch. Because they'd say something to him and he would just like walk off he would not use the all thought he was a jerk. You know in modern times. They think that he might have had some kind of not asked burgers. But something along those lines where you know he. He had conflict. He was a genius. But i think that maybe had a personality kind of disorder or something along the lines of aspirin her well. It's difficult for him to be social. And i also think that there's a classic example of what you equated attitude of gratitude with creativity and he actually is a classic example. I'm glad i thought of it. Because he really. He had every reason to be unhappy and you can imagine what he had gone through. It was brilliant career and he can't hear his own music anymore. That would give you a really bad attitude too. But it didn't affect his creativity least. I don't think it did you know he was that was sent from heaven. I think really you know while we're on the subject of a good attitude and life although we weren't exactly talking about a great edzard but we know somebody who has a great attitude in life Let's bring on our guest okay. So today we're going to be speaking with jimani lazaro. Who is a his very special talent. He is a violin maker and that by fred's that is a very creative talent.

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Yes as many of our listeners know we interview creative people that are passionate about what they do. Today inching are happy to welcome. Giovanni the violin maker yes and on the phone with him will be linda winter. Who's an artist and the one who introduced as to giovanni lazaro and also linda was on A podcast that we had she was episodes back. So if you're listening to this you may want to also listen to. Linda in linda has been a driving force in setting up this call and we'll help with some translation with giovanni because we are not very fluent in italian to say the least are definitely not of fluid to to fat. Were all that fluid in english today. Somedays asked it's true. Okay so are you guys there. Yeah it's good to have you here with us today now. Okay before we start our interview. Giovanni we always like to ask our guest. What did you have for breakfast. I had x. michael puts out of that was nice. You buy has a face bricks and what was what did you have i yes. It's typically alhambra. Plus is laurie milka on some bread and freight law tweaks for it very slow normal. Don't call different from an american is fresh his night defensively from the american company s.'s. Many years ago and These typical Very easy very is believed warning and estelle. Grisanti home equally War bay your son yards your child's on and so did you people is well you know what it sounds refreshing refreshing healthy and give you a lot of energy. Yes absolutely some energy to new award to do your best because hired from japanese philosophy. Lofoten every day. You had to do your best simply. Yeah absolutely. i know. I know angie has question for both of you. Actually yeah well. let's start by asking you. where are you talking to us from right now. Okay we are. We are the absolute of giovanni shock when the way he has system into the crew. She's wonderful has covered Of audience on the show which in actual practice in secaucus look Bench just tools and this is also the slat where school he accidentally massey which missile area all the gas manzini. Massey was the great men in history. Nice in it's wonderful. You know there's an interesting story behind how you to med and led And how you introduced us to giovanni the violin maker. Tell us a little bit about that. Basically i guess i i it's on tiki fact. And i realized that she went to basically city she halts. It was actually in february march after the looking for kiosk unfazed family odious safe agent. That was open. Won't city key in. It was allowed. House raised legit cube on the door of the three sets. Up to betsy to back off.

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Air i i'm weeping friends since and what's not so long when you get a chance to buy and makers yeah for sure. I remember you telling engine jianye even on a pass conversation. We had prior us. Even doing the podcast with you. You mentioned giovanni and the fact that you purchase that home and actually you've made drawings of which are really quite wonderful to look at man that's Well thank you so much. Thank you for being our podcast and thank you for just see us to giovanni what are you going to say. Well you know this question is for giovanni before we go into the craft and art of making string instruments. Tell us a little bit about your early life. growing up it was my albertina barley. Making clearly was absolutely was like father. Net just eating lunch billick my mother and they just simply asked me. Why don't you come out to became a major. And obviously i know. Aw walter I didn't know and they went to my mother was a teacher. He just told me on on the dictionary will does it need and so i wanted to his studio and they opened the dictionary and search for vialli. Is it if you tie we saving. And i found that he's who makes violence in your lesson tells indigo no. It was the first time in my life that i hardly sam and the icy became kunas. Say why not and so we went to visit the violent. Can schooling brunel was eight. He ranking eighty and we went there with my ma father. We went into these hustle while they would have some school boys. That carving working on the war branches doing some different orcs Appreciate the fluid in love southern when my highest ina anez so somebody was carving a stream things that he's a scroll is scrawled ball of the channel and saying all is incredible is my is my mother and they save mama i will do it and this is simply the the true story and then That i'm working on is would making me to. It's really a an interesting story in you. Obviously were meant to do this for a living and think. It's kind of a blessing that your father made that suggestion to you because it gave you an opportunity to develop a passion for something michael way. Also have a question about that. Because i know you've developed a passion for music. Can you tell us a little bit about that. Okay to give up fishing something a goal is comes from people that you have around you or from somebody that key you there by to Input we can say no. I was Since i was young because my father was a logger Music mother will to in my family there was a piano forte today. Now at in front of me here weaknesses. The years when live. And i just thought aviano. I am not players pm okay. My heart is or miming chopin. A the music is good. When you have something you abroad something hands. Maybe we became a painter. So you will pay you sculpture with something. You just came out teachers. How art or you will seek to somebody. But in this case the music easel salute ba-base of everton boss. Music is my bait Might make rhonda from there. Maybe today could be also musicians. Because it was studying in the voting music you baba and they was playing can afford him who food so automated.

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Think of all walks a could be today. If i couldn't be an anka's what could be the shots of my life. Maybe to be a musician. So i'm lucky. Might arentz they wear a buddy smart. She chose or teachers a head. So great patient for catcher. That's ximenes contour learn. That concert is absolutely necessary. You need because you want to have a beautiful full of meaning you can use it for each one full math. You need to search for catching for beauty absolutely we. We couldn't agree more with you on that one. And that's such a state of that so beautifully and the fact that you have that passion for music. That's just an another part of culture that you've been able to embrace that's really quite wonderful Absolutely yes look we. Don't use it. I think that we company seemingly no adcose cash. Earliest instrument from our standing has been afloat timorean so music has been in man's blood ever since the beginning the beginning of what is your question. She s a string instrument maker. giovanni what instruments do you actually make okay. I am specialize in the violence us in challenge. Of course at the beginning i walked on speakers and mandolins said became more focused and specialized in this field. That he's thirty is a very beautiful team. Happy now violence your us. Intel's is the main production is my trader. My business and of course they do many things related could these of these to do my clients at of course many services at my law is so four and maybe they have time to make my own each. That would be great. Yeah you know there are many different types of string of cements and you've just kind of went over your favorites but could you give us a brief explanation of what each of your favorites. Actually do when it comes to a symphony. His latian beige Yes okay. I love these and have a creek. It feeds doing violence because the they reflected. Humans is also a reasons. Why is lance are be creating at the beginning of season centers nikolay just re i saying the is the chai kay Is incredibly reputed is interesting is that they keep on secession feeling of warmth of beauty and they can move your art they immediately. You are inroads ingrid's and this is what law about this. Of course any measure a human voice that has about as low as they are. Voice isn't channel and candy you credible deeply sweet sensation and any anybody. Everybody all of us. We have different than pace that we have different ability in the ol- a nice feeling especially we the these kind of style that kind of sign race and the sole same som- devos you principal to news. We can receive these emotion and each one can keep it and and this is the beauty of music a beautiful ex lexi ashen mealy beauty of and please let me know.

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Let me say so. He could no did they live. Music is absolutely different from recorded. use me okay. The record the music is incredibly Tools we can say extreme music. A live. Music is sounding. I exceeded that they will likely Everybody goes the concert. Lionel's lou listen to music live because it is absolutely different completely different. It's completely different. And we've had that experience ourselves effect. I think you we all discuss that. And a pass conversation that what you hear on a lot of people listen to music on their cell phones and there's nothing like the expression and nothing like the acoustics that you hear in a live performance assistant credible and you also i think pickup the energy from the musicians to you actually see them playing. They give off their own energy. And you can how passionate they are when they're actually participate in peace. And if it's a concert then you also have the conductor directing. Everybody says just very exciting all the way around and we agree with you. We highly recommend that anybody that has a chance to go to a concert. Even if it's just a string quartet it's well worth the absolutely it is. I remember us Going to a few string quartets when we were in europe. And oh my goodness the sweetness that you heard from the string quartet was does not even measure up to recording and giovanni you live that life to hear that for real all the time. Yeah so very cool. Well you know it seems to me that making a string instrument is craft that requires not only skill but a tremendous amount of patience and dedication. Tell us how you approach your work every day. Okay my okay i i. I think the dan very much did they ever be credible job. Java consid- job is a patient more than we need money to leave. We need to read in to pay the billings to buy a car up for me. I will do it. We got to get mommy bud. We can okay. This is a normal. I'm lucky today. F. piece job but every morning when they get up i i think today i will be eliminated a relieved somebody some musicians. Some clients ran the body. That will give me new emotion so will pushy to do something you to express a new concepts or toolmaking you usually or to get getting i motion. So this is why i'm lucky. And every day is a very also hard walk of course is not easy. You nominate to get the best. You always have to vessel energies. And this is not easy is hard but when new settlers Everyday wait a moss and ears. You build up. You became more comfortable with work. You will you improve your and you meet people to get permission you as seen help you to enjoy. Who inspired life. I really liked what you said. Yeah he is very inspirational. You said and i know you probably meet a lot of people that get excited just to visit your shop to see what goes on. Yeah i attached you this question because we know there's a lot of commercially made instruments out there. The ones that are mass produced and a handcrafted instruments such as the ones you skillfully make would is the big difference there. Okay believe me is not so hard is not so hard to make everybody can make week. Sons keel says some cleaver across k. So the difference mainly for between a factory each day holiday each is that in the hameed.

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Is you have to prove your own so it became your inches. Your only young There's only one each like yours is a unique action and your sound is your son window. Factory instruments respect. Was you know that are so many people that you want to learn to lay out in they can afford immediately the biggest stance okay so they introduce many people to the violence but when you became Violence usually is like a wave. Drive a car at the beginning. You need A good car. Siebel bull cheap not expensive because you need to practice driving but when you became a for example you are sir gooding bryden that you became a drive for fresh on driverless. Us for you need us car and you want to ways. Because you need the occult racecar. Saw busy management is like racecar is a like a like a as expensive car where you need to dominate car. You know how to use it and the car is super powerful. You must know how to to kick in your hand. He's the sad for violent. I really nice violin. He knew a race. These explanation is perfect under is excellent eleven in. I love having a race car in your hand because it really is like that you get that same exhilaration in the same on feedback in the fr- same freedom that you can feel by going very fast right. Yeah yeah okay. So giovanni string instruments are primarily crafted out of wood. Is there a special source for the would that you use in your finally crafted instruments that you make okay. I'm these sole each material enrollment here my best. And then you in woods for example the mako From the north of pekan and because e the day italian maple is facilitated based on the wall has son taking cold. choose at our Some they may will is mainly used for the bag reeves schools. Each is coming from balkan outlet savion is gonna golfing on ex-yugoslavia. It's a debt. Maple is absolutely the best. We are speaking both for the beauty city beauty but the would mainly discuss And when you find the right the makiya. I saw or many years now for making insolence. Using would that they both my father and my goodness longtime ago walked is my salk and when a might today owner will use Leeson before ten picky use okay and if you want to make way east you can use a chip beck coming. Begged the race cow. If you will use you sure sir is you will never be dangerous. You need the best absolutely the best because the cheer we you're experienced a your skills you can understand how these murcia just touchy just watching hollywood sound and then you will create a since the beginning. Your project is based on monday book that you have anew hands you say okay. He's from. He's kind of song and then i will use for this kind of or nam is bad for the other candidates these the persona is give deeper song more anger call.

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No this. is we really give a sylmar volley any will be right or another kind of and we now these knowledge you can insider yourself on me. You know that is very interesting. And i don't think we ever really appreciate the would what it means to have the quality would as well as the seasoned would. Obviously you season. You're would it you keep it for a long time so even the wood itself Matures in its resonance we know from earlier conversations with you that every string instrument that you make has its own unique characteristics and personality. Could you share with us. What that means because power to the who say Are so complex is Fox is so you have in front few musician Did not by what you have a product. Hugh great play. These great has as his own pace. When you make it each month you have to. He stays end the into independent premium of your of you. So they instruments became a perfect weeks of the request of speed client. And your face you mix together and then you estimate stopping that. He a rated support musician. -sition in red flag cheese while assan es and this is the most beautiful aspect of my war when a saab in this. Speak with mike. I end what we have to do while where we want to apply what should be in play. Walsh how should way. And the so the emory instrument is like a first for me. I could see that lead. That easily is like a purse like us anthony. He has his own identity as on route. Three six and is loop. That's that's a it's a really good explanation and it really explanation. And i i understand from what you just said that you work very closely with the musician. Once you start crafting it and you have to really understand and listen his music cow. He's plays his style of playing. And then you have to design the instrument to fit for. Not only i guess you have to also make sure it fits him physically that he can hold properly. Yes yes you're right you a alan you colleagues is. The real. Violent action is working tied context. We the your your friend because you can friend. I'm sure for many years your work on his army all on insurance and then he could make a commission to you for new instruments. Dad this is the moment you put all your yourself is he wants you and we ask divinely manian. And when he statement For me you have a big big challenge and big Because you had to give the right awesome. So is why i lock. Yeah goes eight. Put yourself in that situation if they have to my best. Guess angeleri canoe. You have a follow up to that. That talked about you guys. Yeah we just talked about that and also just listening to the sound of someone. Playing one of your instruments is simply beautiful. And i can tell you that when you we win. Linda had sent over recording. And we listen to it on our computer even that listening to it just on the speakers of the computer it was so beautiful and it must be so gratifying for you to hear someone play an instrument that you have designed and crafted. How do you feel when you hear of virtuoso playing one of your instruments. Could question question really. Beautiful me yeah. Cpap you're considered that when you listen. You instrument blame.

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The hands of greg plays or simply. Is your view new museum. Play on your instrument. You're simply be washing his want. You feel when i when i see unleash landed. They made in the comeback. Here or check is like to see a picture of me mutual and years ago i see myself because nice my myself is all. It was fun and today different and emotion it. They say i can't explain on is simply not keeping law and your head. I worked for this to listen nutrition way. Well it must be very rewarding for a talented musician to have the opportunity to play when you're instruments that you've handcrafted or better yet to own one. What are these musicians like marriages. I'd love to know where mencia who are like. I don't wanna say who are they. What are they like. And obviously you've become lifelong friends with some of them. I suspect we became friends. I have a different clients. You also producing eight produce to East of here no more. I okay. Eighty made almost one hundred ninety twins. Production you became a friend because when you have a great musician under san law what you do and this is not Everybody loss loss looking not help that you need the right. We have the right feeling. And then you come. You share the same as the same funded fuel. Also the live. Show the same feeling. Our lives became friend. They really great musicians that earned my friends at the final we've seasonally because we may fell away and simply because they they decide to order mental and simply because we share two years us following the is new england was a long process and we shared a years of all the call it warranty. I can imagine it must be very exciting for them as a musician also witnessed the process. And i'm sure the day that they finally take possession of the instrument that you've made that probably is very happy and proud day for them. You know as you're an artist. Okay for sure. Your artist or craftsman. I think everybody would like to know how you sign your instrument. How'd you sign when that ukraine. How if i were to pick up one. How would i know it was crafted by giovanni in basically every made by the makings eastern putting side eastman label my label. These lonzo autumn lazzaro made these these ninety five rates. And and then i my senior in especially is seen so mustrom years. Every instrument has his own name name. Sircar won't be is medina is lena. We have the different kind of needs are being given who these. Because the the name of these moments reflect mean of your vinca client can reflect shocking. That mitch you declined for a while the losses the Remaining this francis ryan's was a katrina at the arena. His name this beautiful. His name at didn't because she say june his friend had release some travels.

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It is not easy and was so what about these solitaire and the airport in lucky. That was fine. The end saw. I suddenly we get with the site name Lena nice for amy's the really incredible. I'm sure it makes it very special for him. You know i have to. I want to ask this question. When get into a too deep of a discussion but both engine. I know that laura laura could you share a little bit about who she is and what an her support has meant to you. Apparently she's a very keen fan of yours. She's my she's my law necessarily your superfan. Then my my my aloe my is is. We ain't now useful now and she's Girl that eight years ago she was vice. That makes sense. You make france human loss okay and She was in mine. She was an incredible and she seal my arm because was always la. She give me a on the view. That is a really accessible. She looked at me. She watch for the and she always saw the warning. You're making a mistake. No you're doing work non today are we have to change. You have to so so lucky that she saw clearer to smart. Give me always he. So deeply law suits almost such and that she doesn't save me on your why you're wrong. You're doing well. You must've better and these lucy always to change to radio to have new energy to inside a. She wasn't incredible. Kind of hannity. I can imagine you know you. And i have something greatly something in common. Because energy is the same way for me as laura is for you. I can't tell you how many times that she's redirected me a redirected my thinking or said. Hey you know what you could do this a little bit differently and probably would be better so bravo you know to your to your bride. What a lovely lady. But the atkin understand where laura is coming from no because when you care for someone in you understand them on multiple levels their soul their creativity and what their passion is life you want you wanna be contributing to that in you have a real connection so i can completely understand where she's coming while the fact that she played violin right there. So there's some absolutely mechanic my steady wooded Incredible for me to after many ist. I was okay at a life before. Okay another song. He's twenty one. Years old is sudden. Recipe is rainfall. My for some okay. I have a lot evens. And but when i saw a lot went inside or work filing and i simply went in front of the white sauce. Amish mace believe all kill hand as we all every and i suppose to national agencies to the atmosphere between electric. Oh i can imagine. And she's with margaret be strong body odor described sentences. Taika i she she has to strike the taika and she just a central driving force the it sounds like it sounds loving.

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I'm gonna ask you giovanni a question that we ask. Everybody is sometimes. It could be a tough one but everybody wants to an answer to this for sure in five words or less. What would you tell people that. Want to live more creatively and if you have to use more five words it's it's uh i you well you you kind of addressed it in a lot of the things that you said but if you're going to give advice to maybe even a young violin maker what would you tell them just to enjoy first of all you to enjoy who expressed to be ready to to be hard to full harvey your your hauling. If you you you must exploit your talent but colin this knocking never you. Must you must work and you time you need a lot of time. Because today i have depression that may make people safe that to get top is easy you can arrive in southern lead to the sauces. You get subsidies many reach by quickly. This is not true. My experience it's armagh and only few people can and these need holland application. The jeez and a lot of mistakes to earn a new. You know he. In some. I i lead to some moments where a disciple leaf. Who more saw you can. You must love it you trust. See that's that's like the perfect explanation of enjoy your life ambig- success go with what you're doing you calculus. You can't give up. You may feel days like you absolutely do not to do it. Yes but sooner or later the the but then the next morning you get up in your refreshed in. You're like okay. i can do this. Yeah i can do this. I like it okay. So now we're going to ask you giovanni question we've been asking all of our guests and their answers are so interesting and that is if you can sit on a park bench and chat with anyone from the past. Who would it be awesome. Many i up and domino truck one off. The grid is followed like to see in the city. Police speaking about the soul or magog bizarre is my band as my loss is up. Certain account money known simply because he's music case so when they met his music. Say okay. I can leave anymore without news. And a how can sukey roy. That's a great question. That's can you be such a gene if we ever if we ever get mozart as again asking. We'll ask that for you is incredible is live and see a very short short free years ago now and people go to became a dangerous and then painted only for almost ten years of the raid. Trae aged almost thirty years when he campaigns. Okay he was. I really would like to speak within to ask you. How do you see so you are being able to see in front of you. One hundred years in two hundred years instrument and the on golden never sold. No what is hard as leo. Who tried he. You have to think that these great talented people especially the ones that passed away so young. Were divinely inspired That was their mission on this planet. I guess and that was it to bring joy joy beauty creativity inspiration like violence violence.

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Hope my mommy's will posse. They will follow the way. And i moved night because the diet one eight. It's relaxing one day. We will for sure we will die back. Think that south we will remain neutral for sure absolutely it will J- giovanni linda part on this this conversation because it very very interesting On actually making a beautiful instrument that has been a major contributor to classical music as well as other forms of music both engine. I thank you so much for giving us and our listeners. An opportunity to know a little bit about how it's done. You are so generous with your thoughts and your ideas and your passion. I think that really came through. Yes it did and your creativity and craftsmanship is such an inspiration. And i think our listeners are really going to enjoy this episode because so much insight and and into such creating and creative passion right now. Life and also. I need to let everyone know if you'd like to know more about giovanni we will have links for him under the show guest tab on bought row podcast dot com so everyone can learn more about him and please connect with him on social media and his website. Yet please do you. This is a real treat. We're very fortunate to have him as guest in linda. We really appreciate you making this happen. I know we had talked about it off and on now for several months. So thank you guys so much. Acid it was up to on them. Lucky that i have been a friend has definitely maybe thank you to you. You are being so To kind to didn't cake to Impatient me and i had a big to lena for. Hold these rate shots. Oh well we appreciate both of you very much and so it's goodbye for now. I'm really glad you tuned in today. We hope you enjoyed the thoughts and ideas we shared with you. We post a new podcast every week. So remember to subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. So you don't miss an episode. So it's by for now from my husband rod an eye wishing everyone a great day

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