Episode 40: Chess Brodnick - Interior Abstractions of Life

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Episode 40: Chess Brodnick - Interior Abstractions of Life

Our guest Chess Brodnick, a Psychotherapist and Artist, shares his story on how he is trying to point out the interior abstractions of life through his artwork. Chess is a self-taught artist that took 2-years to study and draw self-portraits. He drew from his memories and experiences, pushing his art to the very edge.

As a psychotherapist, Chess is exposed to many emotions from his patients. He's even used his art-making to help his patients when nothing else would reach the severely mentally ill. He shares with us on how art provides connectivity on an emotional level.

One thing is for certain, this is an interview that if you think you have heard it all when it comes to creativity, think again. Hear what our guest Chess has to share about the interior abstractions of life.

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