Episode 45: Manuel Wotsch Building an Event Company Through Silence

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 Episode 45: Manuel Wotsch Building an Event Company Through Silence

Can you imagine a bunch of people with headsets on dancing? Or working as a team picking up litter and no one but them can hear what they are listening to, but they are having a great time.

Our guest Manuel, a student at the Geneva School of Business in Spain, turned the idea of AURA Silent Disco Headphones into an event & rental company.

He then launched the start-up in May 2021 with his three partners.

He is very passionate about this project, and future ambitions are to enter new sectors in countries around the world.

This project turns his love for music, the excitement of the entertainment industry, and the possibility of creating a team with creative freedom into a thriving business.

One of the events he and his partners are proud of is a plogging event, where people jog and pick up litter on the beach. A Swedish fitness craze that is picking up steam around the world Manuel's company provides the headphones and technology so everyone can be tuned in.


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