Episode 46: Rizal Tony - The Jazz Guitarist, Composer & Arranger

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Episode 46: Rizal Tony - The Jazz Guitarist, Composer & Arranger

This is one of those episodes that you will have the opportunity to listen to our discussion with a very talented and accomplished jazz musician and composer. Plus you'll get to hear Rizal play a couple of snippets from the music he performs.

Our multi-talented guest Rizal shares his journey in becoming a formidable jazz musician. Along with his talents as a Senior Lecturer, composer, arranger, and Director of Jazz and Modern Music, he's one talented guy.

Rizal is truly dedicated not only to performing music but teaching and helping others discover the creative rewards that one experiences with music.

He discusses his experiences growing up, the evolution of his jazz, his dedication to jazz music, and helping his UiTM students pursue their musical careers.

He's also a member of the Malaysian Jazz Piano Festival Committee.

Whether you are into jazz or not, Rizal Tony is a must-listen episode.


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