Episode 52: Farhan Niaz - Human Side of Customer Experience

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Episode 52: Farhan Niaz - Human Side of Customer Experience

Rod and Inci start the show with a great quote from Walt Disney that everyone can relate to.

They discuss the Power of Now and the book by Eckhardt Tolle and how you can adopt this strategy to help you maintain some sanity in these unusual times.

Rod & Inci share some information related to customer experience and how it can greatly benefit every creative person in their endeavors, sales, and audience.

This episode's guest knows what Customer Experience - CX is all about and how everyone is affected by customer experience almost daily.

In this episode, guest Farhan Niaz, a Customer Experience Practitioner & Consultant, Top 100 Global CX Thought Leader 2021, and CEO and Founder of CX Future shares in-depth knowledge and practical tips and secrets to help improve your business. 

Faran has consulted with major corporations from around the world.

He discusses the value of understanding Customer Experience - CX and how it impacts virtually everyone.

Farhan gives some advice to creative people from artists to entrepreneurs, and every type of business, and how to increase their customer engagement and satisfaction.

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