Episode 53: Roya Sayadi - How to Protect Your Creative Intellectual Property

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Episode 53: Roya Sayadi - How to Protect Your Creative Intellectual Property

Rod & Inci start out the show with a quote from Aldous Huxley and a motivational quote from Rod.

They go on to discuss a little about the life of Aldous Huxley and how he was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature 9 times.

Rod & Inci also shared that Aldous lived in the desert town of Llano, California, which is near Pearblossom Highway.

And even though they live in the mountains in Lake Arrowhead, California, the town of Pearblossom/Llano is not too far from where they record their podcast.

They also discuss David Hockney's contribution to making Pearblossom Highway famous.

They also discuss how we are all "connected" through the Internet, and how important its become to protect our creativity.


Rod & Inci go on to talk about the business side of being creative with their special guest, Roya Sayadi, at Sayadi Law.

The episode centers on the business side of being creative, copyrights, trademarks, and brand protection. 

A timely topic that not only fits with creative people that want to protect their artwork or creative works but also entrepreneurs.

They discuss how creative people and entrepreneurs can use legal strategies to protect their intellectual property

through the use of copyrights, trademarks, registrations, patents, and service marks.

Roya also talks about URLs, domain squatters, and how you can maintain control over your domain name.

The information in this episode has become even more important today than ever because we share so much of our creativity on the Internet.

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