Episode 22: Linda Winter - What Saying YES Can Bring Into Your Life

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Episode 22: Linda Winter - What Saying YES Can Bring Into Your Life

This episode has it all - travel, psychology, creativity, art, inspiration, and exploring the world.

Our special guest Linda Winter, is an artist, psychologist, and teacher. She lives an enviable creative life drawing and painting the villages and scenery in Italy. With a keen awareness of light and how it creates depth, which she manages to capture in her illustrations and paintings.

Linda also explains what she teaches and has learned as a psychologist. We humans learn visually and how it impacts our learning and cognitive skills. Research has shown that drawing or painting increases the activity in the pineal gland. Which is a critical part of every person's brain.

Creativity in all forms improves memory, recollections, and cognitive skills.

She shares with us today her philosophy of always saying yes when it comes to exploring creativity in all areas of her life.


Show Notes:

R: Hi everyone...And here we are...Celebrating what people love to do creatively... I’m Rod Jones 

I: And I’m Inci Jones...Welcome to the Thought Row podcast. We invite you to subscribe wherever you listen. We are available virtually anywhere you listen to your podcasts. 

R: No matter what you do creatively this is the podcast for you. Inci, what are we discussing today? 

I: Today we’re going to be speaking with Linda Winter about saying YES in your life and what it can bring to you creatively.  

R: Our guests always manage to share an aspect of creativity that is unique and interesting. Can’t wait to hear what she has to say.  But first, Inci’s quote

I: Okay...Our quote this week -  Everybody has a talent, it’s just a matter of moving around until you’ve discovered what it is. George Lucas 

Discuss - 

I: Ok...it’s now time for our new segment which is...Rod’s Motivational Moment...what do you have for us today? 

R: Bloom where you are planted. 


I: Because we’ve interviewed several people from other parts of the world, in many cases, these people relocated from another country. 

R: That’s true...and our guest today is a classic example of relocating and how it impacted her creativity. 


I: Okay...so let’s hear what our guest has to say.

I: Hi Linda, so good to have you with us today. 

R: Linda...I met you through LinkedIn and have been enjoying your illustrations and learning about your creative journey.

I: It’s always good to finally chat with you and put a voice to your beautiful illustrations. 

I: But...Before we move on to our interview, we always like to ask our guests what they had for breakfast.

R: We know your artist career spans over 30 years. Where were you when you first discovered you wanted to be an artist?

I: Are you one of the lucky ones that is a self-taught artist?

R: We know you are living in Italy. How did that happen?

I: We’ve learned you teach psychology...tell us about that.

R: Does your teaching of psychology help with your artistic life?

I: What do you find most gratifying about painting and living in Italy? 

R: Tell us about the town you live in?

I: How are the people in your neighborhood? 

R: You seemed to be best known for your illustrations...do you draw from photographs or do you go on location?

I: Besides your drawings, which are very architectural, and colorful...do you create in other mediums? 

R: Describe your creative environment.

I: You helped illustrate a book called - Lost and Found in Italy - tell us about that book and how you ended up working on that project

R: You’re having an adventurous life...do you think you will ever leave Italy?

I: When we had our first conversation for our podcast you said something that really resonated with us...and that was you say YES to everything. Tell us how you developed this positive & fun attitude in life.

R: We have had several guests from Australia and you have a very interesting story about when you lived there and what happened to the home you lived in. (wombat story)

I: What would you suggest people do that want to relocate to another part of the world to pursue their creative ambitions? 

R: Most people would find it a real challenge to leave the comfort of the home or place they have been living in. Did you have any second thoughts once you ultimately ended up in Italy?

I: Most of the art that we have seen of yours is pen, ink and watercolors. Is that a skill that was hard to master?

R: Do you teach art besides psychology or do they go hand in hand?

I: When did you first become a teacher? 

R: Where do you see yourself in five years?

I: Ok so now we’re going to ask you a question that we ask our guests. If you could sit on a park bench and chat with anyone from the past, who would it be? 

R: What do you most want to be remembered by? 

I: Linda, you’re not only talented, but you shared some interesting insights about relocating for the sake of your art. 

R: I agree with Inci, you have been very open in discussing the different aspects of living a creative life. 

I: Just want to let everyone know...if you want to know more about Linda Winter and her artwork we will have links in the show notes and also under the show guest tab on Thought Row podcast.com. So everyone can learn more about her and connect with her on social media.

Rod & Inci - You have truly lived an inspirational life, thank you for being a guest on the Thought Row podcast. 

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  • Linda Winter is a really strong, smart person. Her smiles and “Yes” make you comfortable to think that you can do better; you can look forward for a better chance. To meet her was a great opportunity not only for improving my English but mainly for sharing passion for art as well as knowledge and emotion for beauty. We become friends just because a lot of interests found each other involved in trying to improve ourself. Your interview was very interesting. Linda has a lot to say in my opinions. Finding such interesting persons is so rare today…Best regards. Giovanni

    Giovanni Lazzaro on

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