Thought Row Podcast Episode 2: Living in the Creative Moment

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Thought Row Podcast Episode 2: Living in the Creative Moment

Quote: We may lose, we may win...but we will never be here again. - Eagles song-

Take it Easy - Glenn Frey & Jackson Browne

Creativity does not come “on time.”

Doing creativity with a full-time job.

Lunchtime creativity

Writing a book on your phone

Making notes and retaining your “Great Ideas.” 

When you look back on “brilliant ideas” and they seem not so brilliant.

Being judgemental of your creativity.

Does social media like Instagram and Facebook affect your creativity?

Do you ever go blank when you try to summon your creativity?

How to loosen your thoughts and creativity.

Trying different techniques.

Too much pressure for perfection and being judgemental of your creativity.

Creative anxiety. 

Helping others...sharing what you’ve learned.

Great composers and artist mentors.

The buddy system for creativity.

No such thing as “bad” when it comes to creativity.

Finding time to create.

Are the stresses of the world taking precedence over your creativity?

Process vs Outcome

Reminiscing instead of looking at the current situation. 

Competing with yourself. 

Strategies for finding time to create.

Inci and Rod’s bad habits.

Taking baby steps.

Warm ups for creatives.

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  • I’m intrigued to listen to the podcast episode with the author who dictated 17 books while driving!

    Terri on

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